Best 1st Birthday Wishes and Messages

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes. A child’s first birthday is significant in their lives because of the memories they meet when they are much older. It is impossible to relive the day, so make it as an interactive to at least send a message of support and love to our latest birthday intakes to be part of the beautiful experience. Check below for the sweetest words that best describe your thoughts of them.

Sweet First Birthday Messages

  • Happy 1st Birthday to my little pumpkin, the God that protected you for a year will be there for you for many more years ahead.
  • It is an undeniable fact that children are the future of tomorrow. Nevertheless, some will outshine others, and you seem like the type.
  • The Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages
  • Dear little beauty, may your journey through life be happy and smooth just as God planned for you. Happy First Birthday celebration.

1st birthday wishes for niece


  • It is impossible to dislike a baby, most notably the one that just clocked a year old. How under heaven would I not love a creature that is so peaceful. Happy 1st Birthday.
  • Best Birthday Wishes for Kids
  • As we celebrate your first birthday today, there shall be more birthday celebrations for you, and I look forward to attending all of it.
  • Best Short Birthday Wishes
  • Your journey of numerous more birthdays starts today, so keep fit, drink more milk and put up a show to kick start the life celebration. Happy 1st Birthday.
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1st birthday wishes for granddaughter

  • The joy that you bring to our lives since your birth is overwhelming. I wonder how drowned in love we will be with you in a few more years.
  • Brace up for your first birthday, cute little angel, while others worry about ways to treat you like the royalty that you genuinely are.
  • Best Funny Birthday Wishes
  • Happy Birthday to a cute beautiful angel sent down from heaven to make our lives better. Thanks for scaling your first birthday.

1st birthday wishes for daughter

  • You are my Baby of the Year award recipient because only an adorable one-year-old as you is fit enough to win it consecutively after today’s maiden edition.
  • Unique Birthday Wishes for Son
  • I welcome you to the league of one-year-olds. Do well to climb the ranks till you are older than Methuselah; I trust you to make it happen.
  • Cute Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • May the heavens continually keep watch over you as before your first birthday and make your future as bright as the mid-day sunlight. Happy 1st Birthday.
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1st birthday wishes for girl

  • Congratulations. You successfully crossed the first birthday hurdle, which shows that you are in this for a very long time ahead. Keep it up.
  • The Best Birthday Wishes for Grandson
  • I would be selfish to wish that you do not grow older than one year old because of your cute looks and tenderness. You are so sweet. Happy 1st Birthday.
  • Best Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter
  • The first birthday is one of the most significant in one’s lifetime, congrats for a job well done in a grand and effortless style.

1st birthday cards for kids

  • I wish that I can duplicate you on your first birthday for every family so that they can benefit from the pure love that you bring along. Happy 1st Birthday.
  • A future generation star is a year old today; I count myself lucky to be among the first set of people to know you personally.
  • You seem to me like an old friend even though you are just one year old today. Happy 1st Birthday to you, my cute little friend.
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1st birthday wishes for son

  • Every minute of life is precious, so it excited me when people add a new year, most notably a first birthday celebrant.
  • Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest baby in the globe, at only one year, your stunning looks is enough to melt the heart of everyone around you.

happy 1st birthday boy

  • You have a special birthday delivery of joy, peace, and prosperity for your first ever birthday; I am only a carrier of the news while God is the doer.
  • Now that you are finally a year old, I expect you to soar above your peers and have a fantastic lifetime more than your parents enjoyed.