Best Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes

Happy 2nd Birthday. Children are very special people in whom we have to extremely care for. Today, birthday wishes for children are one amongst the most important things that adults have to deal with. When selecting such wishes, its best to consider the child’s age, as the wishes for a 10 year-old child may not be suitable for children of lower age grades. As a result, below are some excellent 2nd birthday wishes for children.

Happy 2nd Birthday

Here are some sweet and cute ways to wish your kid a Happy 2nd Birthday.

  • Happy 2nd birthday to the most beautiful baby in the world. I wish you have a beautiful day dear!
  • I could ask for a double of you, my sunshine. Daddy promises to be here holding your hands on all your birthdays starting from now.
  • There has never been a better looking two-year-old, happy birthday beautiful soul. I wish you the best things in life.
  • Oh wow, it’s two years already? Somebody wake me up, these two years have been the best two years of my life. Happy Birthday dear child. I love you.
  • With all joy in my heart I’m bold to say we get to spend another year together again, happy birthday darling.
  • Congratulations on your two years birthday anniversary, I am forever grateful that I have you in my life.
  • When we count our blessings, we count you twice for giving us the best two years of our lives, cheers to our two years, princess.
  • All I want for Christmas is you, in your two piece birthday costume with your smile showing your two front teeth as you clock 2.
  • Two is only a step away from one, and as you take such greater steps in life, may your life blossom and flourish with love.
  • A very Happy 2nd Birthday to the child of our eyes! Since we knew you, we have always loved you with all our hearts. Never forget it please!
  • Dearest baby, you are the best of all the gifts I have received from God. Happy birthday my treasured jewel, and thanks so much for being such a sweet child.
  • May your second Birthday be a special occasion in your life and that of the parents. Keep on shining and reminding the world that beauty still exists.
  • Whenever you need God, he will guide and direct your path from your second Birthday until eternity. You are surely a unique child.

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little angel. Our world has become a better place since you became part of it. Congratulations.

  • Happy 2nd Birthday dear. Enjoy today as never before and receive as many gifts as possible. Congratulations!
  • Happy Birthday to our little angel. Our world has become a better place since you became part of it. Congratulations.
  • Dearest baby, may this be the beginning of a life full of love, success, incredible and memorable adventures. Happy 2nd Birthday dear!
  • Having you around changes everything, your second Birthday even makes things more exciting because you are as a wonder in the making.
  • Congratulations dear! Have an unforgettable birthday, full of love and laughter!
  • Dearest baby, do not forget the child you are and keep to yourself the energies and sensitivity of your childhood. Happy 2nd Birthday!
  • Congratulations, my angel! What a joy to be close to you on this special day! Have a very happy birthday!
  • May the angels guide and protect you for as long as you live. Lest I forget, having a sweet 2nd birthday is not an option but a necessity for you.
  • The deep desire of my heart is that you can appreciate the beauty of each stage of your life, and enjoy the freedom of each one of them. Happy 2nd Birthday!
  • Dear child, you are reaping another year of life today and life is a supreme gift from the Creator of the universe. Enjoy your 2nd birthday a lot! Congratulations!

Childhood is a beautiful and blessed stage where everything seems possible. Today, I want to congratulate you with many hugs and kisses. Happy 2nd Birthday dear!

  • Surely the stars in the sky must have danced the day you were born. I wish you a fun-filled day with the best adventure possible! Happy 2nd Birthday!
  • We had an incredible two-year period together and hope to count more after today’s Birthday party because you are nothing short of excellent.
  • Childhood is a beautiful and blessed stage where everything seems possible. Today, I want to congratulate you with many hugs and kisses. Happy 2nd Birthday dear!
  • Thanks for being a source of joy to all who know you! May you continue to live with true happiness that comes from the beautiful things you do. Happy 2nd Birthday dear!
  • You are too small to remember the fun of your second Birthday, I am at your disposal to do the video and picture documentation for the future.
  • May this New Year bring a lot of learning and may you continue to grow and be this wonderful child that illuminates everyone’s life. Happy 2nd Birthday dear!
  • Dearest child, I wish you keep growing strong, healthy and forever keep that beautiful smile on your face. Happy Birthday.
  • If I could take over your body, I would have done its share of your picture-perfect looks and smile. I can’t wait to see you older than two years.
  • My beautiful baby, know that of all the gifts God has ever given me, you are the greatest of all, and I promise to protect you, guide you, and love you. Happy 2nd Birthday.
  • May this be the first of many happy years, full of love and success. I love the beautiful baby you are and I will continue to love you all your life! Happy Birthday dear!
  • It is a fact that your second Birthday will be better than the first, and your life afterward will be more perfect in all contexts.
  • Today we will celebrate your 2nd year and also everything you already represent. All the love you brought with you and all the hope you give us. Happy Birthday dear!
  • I wish your birthday leaves you: a big smile on your face, a lot of joy in your heart and blessings for your life. Congrats dear!


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