Best Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

It is another birthday season, only that it is not ours but for a lovely three-year-old sweetie in your life. We should always teach the younger ones by example, thus be among the first to acknowledge their ad and importance to the family and society at large. Why are you holding back? Select one or more lovely messages below and hit the send button to show that you care about the kids too.

Amazing 3rd Birthday Wishes for Children

  • Happy three years old birthday, may you grow up to be a blessing to your generation and surpass the exploits of your parents.
  • Hello little sweetie, you are having the time of your life at just three years old. Today is your ticket to scatter the house and give mummy some cleaning to do.
  • Honestly speaking, I can only foresee you growing up to become a wonderful person. You have success written all over you on your 3rd birthday.

3rd birthday wishes for nephew

  • I have nothing more important today other than your three years old birthday party; I hope you have a beautiful life ahead. Have a very Happy Birthday.
  • Congratulations on making it to your 3rd birthday and giving me another opportunity to smile all day. I look forward to many more celebrations.
  • Your life is as sweet as honey at the tender age of three; it is a sign that you are unique and will do exploits when you grow older.

3rd birthday wishes for my son

  • Little beauties like a three-year-old are sweet and innocent, so I pray that the lovely tenderness does not depart after a series of birthdays.
  • My schedule changed after I realized that my incredible two years old sweetheart would be a year older today — anything for you, my honey pie.
  • Only good things shall come your way after your 3rd birthday. The world will be too small to contain your impact on due time.

happy 3rd birthday for a girl

  • Hurray, our most crucial celebrity is three years old today. Congratulations on having access to an unlimited supply of candies for the day.
  • I can only wish the best on you, but the angels already said an early morning birthday prayer for you on your bedside. Happy three years old birthday son.
  • You rank top on my list of favorite 3 years old, and I am sure that you will retain the title every passing birthday. I just cannot get enough of you.

3rd birthday wishes for niece

  • Happy Birthday to you, dearest 3-year-old daughter. I hope that your journey through life will be sweet and remarkable, just as you deserve.
  • I never knew that a baby could be so lovable until I met you. I am thrilled that you are three years old today.
  • Nothing can stop out from becoming anything you choose in life. You remain the child to look out for despite being only three years old. Happy 3rd Birthday boy.

happy 3rd birthday princess

  • Birthday wishes to you, my lovely royalty. Everyone has a single task of making you happy, so relax and eat till you are as round as a ball.
  • Being three years old is an achievement, so do not let mummy or daddy stop you from having the best day of your life. Have a beautiful day girl.

3rd birthday wishes for daughter

  • Give yourself a birthday treat, since the day is about your 3rd birthday celebration, ensure that you eat the most significant piece of cake. Happy 3rd Birthday Granddaughter.
  • The day would not dusk if I have not sent you a 3rd birthday message, I do not want to disrupt the order of nature, so I am here to pay my dues.

happy 3rd birthday for a boy

  • Adorable darling, I am so impressed by your growth within three years that I have to tell you to congratulate you and your parents today. Happy 3rd Birthday Grandson.
  • King’s and Queens are of your mold, so act like a little royalty and order whatever goodies you needed for your 3rd birthday; I got your bills covered.

happy 3rd birthday cards

  • I hope you trained your gums and tummy to adapt your 3rd birthday food rush that they will have to process within the next twenty-four hours.
  • I cannot think of a better person to be my buddy for the day other than you, my sweet little three years old pal. Happy Birthday.


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