Best 45 Happy 6th Birthday Wishes

To wish a happy 6th birthday to a little child who has just turned six is a good idea, as it is indeed the first year that he / she will be able to read their birthday message.

It is therefore necessary to find the right words (easy to read and simple) so that the child easily deciphers your text! To this end, below are some 6th birthday wishes which can be written on a card or text message.

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Here are some heartfelt and cute Happy 6th Birthday wishes and Messages.

  • How fast you grow! One hand is no longer enough to count all your years! But phew, you still have another hand! Happy 6th Birthday dear!
  • Hey there! It’s cute how 6 is your lucky number, and now you get to celebrate your blessed birthday: happy 6th birthday, cherry blossom.
  • It’s going to be 365 long days of being a 6-year-old hero. But I hope that it is the best 365 days of your life.
  • On your special day, you can have as many as 6 wishes. So blow out your 6 candles and make 6 wishes, brown sugar.
  • You are my 6 year old bundle of joy and I am proud that I am here celebrating with you, pumpkin. Enjoy your birthday.
  • For your 6th birthday, I offer you six hugs, six tickles, six funny faces and above all six drooling kisses to be sure you have a very fun birthday!
  • One, two, three, four, five, six candles! I wish you as many wishes made as there are blown candles! Have a beautiful sixth Birthday!
  • On your sixth birthday I’ve prepared six presents for you. All include your favorite toys. I hope you can blow out the 6 candles on your cake at once. Stay blessed!
  • Finally you are a 6-year-old boy now. On your birthday I want you to make a list of the things you want as a present. I will give you whatever you want. So have a wonderful birthday.
  • It’s your sixth birthday and with it six candles to blow on your birthday cake. Have a fun celebration today.

How fast you grow! One hand is no longer enough to count all your years! But phew, you still have another hand.

  • You are now 6 years old, so I am sending your way 6 kisses and 6 warm hugs to make your day.
  • I can’t believe you are six already. I have spent some amazing years with you and the years passed so fast. Today is special as we celebrate your birthday.
  • May your birthday be filled with wonderful presents, ice cream, games, and a big brown chocolate cake with cherry on the top.
  • How times flies, yesterday you were five and today, you are six! You’ve grown up so fast with incredible strength.
  • S is for Strong, I is for Intelligent, X is for exceptional; remain strong, intelligent and exceptional in this new year of your life. Happy 6th Birthday.
  • I pray as you become six today that you enjoy this fun and awesome time of your life. Keep being cute and more charming.


For your son turning 6, Here are the best birthday wishes for him.

  • Happy 6th Birthday my son, Life is so much more fun with six-year-old in it.
  • Happy Birthday son. 6 really looks good on you.
  • Cute son, May your 6th birthday be happier than your fifth. Now, can you continue giving us that beautiful smile always and forever?
  • Happy 6th Birthday charming boy. It’s a day to enjoy candy and cake with your friends and family.
  • Happy Birthday to my little beautiful princes. This is the greatest gift any mom can have.
  • Six stands for Super-Invisible-X-man! You just became a superhero! Happy sixth Birthday dear!


Wishing your daughter a Happy 6th Birthday by one of the best messages for her.

  • Happy Birthday to the most amazing 6 years girl old in the world, I have never seen someone cuter than you in this age.
  • You are the cutest kid in the world, thank you so much for bringing all the happiness and joy to my life, Happy 6th Birthday daughter.
  • Happy 6th Birthday to the most adorable daughter in the world; I love you.
  • Wishing you the best on your birthday, sweet daughter!
  • My star, 6 years ago you were born to bring light into my life! Have a wonderful 6th birthday.
  • In every corner of my heart, there is something dedicated to you, today and always! Happy 6th Birthday daughter.


Check out this collection of Happy 6th Birthday messages and greetings.

  • It’s cool being six because you are just starting to do find new fun things to do and make new friends. I hope you enjoy your 6th birthday.
  • Stuntman, Daredevil, Flirty, Funny, Handyman, Hug! Your 6 superpowers are truly amazing! Happy 6th birthday to the youngest superhero I know!
  • I wish you a cute 6th birthday! May this festive day be filled with laughter, gifts, cakes and games!
  • Happy 6th Birthday Princess! Whether you turn 6, 7 or 8 I’ll love you forever. You are cute, adorable, loving and kind. I want you to stay the way you are.
  • Already 6 years! But how fast you grow! Calculations, writing, reading. Will soon have no secrets for you! Happy Birthday to you!
  • Well done! You just got your membership card at the “6 years old” club. You have the right now to eat more sweets and drink more hot chocolate! Have a lovely 6th Birthday!
  • Your sixth birthday will bring joys with it. Some remarkable presents, games, chocolates and candies are waiting for you. Get them at your birthday party this evening.
  • On this special day, I wish you much happiness, joy and fun. May all your wishes come true. Happy sixth Birthday.
  • Congrats dear! On this day of celebration, we wish you a wonderful 6th birthday.
  • This day is the gift that God has given you and you are the gift that God has given to me! Happy 6th birthday.
  • Today, you have turned 6 my little hero. You’ve been the most beautiful addition to our family. I have prepared your favorite dish for tonight’s birthday party.

Well done! You just got your membership card at the "6 years old" club. You have the right now to eat more sweets and drink more hot chocolate! Happy 6th Birthday!

  • Your presence is one of the ways in which God manifests his love to me. I wish you a wonderful birthday.
  • A special child like you should be celebrated every day, not only today. Happy Birthday dear.
  • May your 6th birthday be as special as you are to us. I wish you’ll keep growing without any worries and injuries, playing and studying carelessly. Have a wonderful Birthday!
  • The more you grow, the more beautiful and intelligent you become. Happy 6th birthday sweet darling.
  • Congrats dear. Soon, a bigger cake will be needed. for an even bigger child. Happy sixth Birthday.
  • Today is your big day that every child likes so much. We wish you happiness and carefree laughter from the heart. Happy sixth birthday
  • The thing which makes this birthday special is you. You are my life’s sunshine. Have a joyful and wonderful birthday!
  • Everyone knows for sure that 6 is a lucky number! That’s why your 6th year of life will be really great. that’s for sure! Happy sixth birthday.
  • Congrats dear. Today, there is a snack with chocolate cake and raspberry spray, with candles and sunshine, your 6th birthday should be so beautiful!
  • Happy sixth birthday, my little darling. I am particularly proud of you that the little bundle of joy has turned into a sweet, large treasure of gold.
  • Cake, sunshine, great gifts, fun games, nice friends and lots of laughter. I wish you all of these for your 6th birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful child on the earth! May your sixth birthday be filled with laughter, joy and endless love!
  • Hey little champ, watching you grow into this fine person is such a great privilege I would forever be grateful for. I wish you the best things in life.
  • No one has ever looked this good at six years as you do. Keep shining, the world is your playground. Happy Birthday great one.
  • When I count my blessings, I count you twice. It is six amazing years already? Your presence in my life such an irreplaceable gift that I am still in awe of. Happy Birthday angel.


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