Best Advance Birthday Wishes

Advance birthday wishes. There are times in life when we can’t wait for something amazing to happen. Even so, anxiety speaks louder and we can’t stand it until the right moment. In some of such situations, we may have to wish a birthday in advance to a friend, colleague or relative. It is important not to forget such dates, and to wish them in advance is always better than to forget it completely. For this, you can take inspiration from these messages highlighted below.

Early Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • It is often said that patience is a virtue … but I don’t know any of these two words, so … “Happy birthday in advance dear!
  • So that my wish is not diluted in millions of messages, I prefer to send it to you in advance, Happy birthday dear!
  • As you know I am someone who is always late! So as your birthday is forthcoming and I don’t want to miss it, I wish you with a little advance: Happy birthday!
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Early birthday messages

  • Happy birthday dear! I want to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday … that’s why I am doing it in advance!! Congratulations.
  • Congrats dear. I desire to prove to you that I can be completely alert by wishing you a happy birthday in advance!
  • I have not yet thought about the number of times I will wish you a happy birthday… so the best may be that I start now! Happy Birthday in advance!

advance wishes for friend

  • You know perfectly well that I don’t like competition! I like to be unique and memorable! This is why I am wishing you a happy birthday a few days earlier!
  • Tomorrow, everyone will remember that they will have to send you a wish! But only real friends will want you to feel like a superhero, happy birthday in advance!
  • Hello! I remembered your birthday and realized that the big day is yet to come. Anyway, may God bless your precious life so much… happy birthday in advance!
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advance birthday wishes for lover

  • There are such, but so important things that you can hardly wait! I know a very important day that is approaching! Happy birthday dear!
  • Hello! The truth is that I can’t wait until your birthday, because I like exclusivity so I want to congratulate you in advance!

early happy birthday for baby girl

  • I know it hasn’t arrived on the right date yet, but I’m already here to say it will be very special. Happy birthday in advance dear!
  • You well know that I’ve never been good with dates, so I always prefer to wish a happy birthday when I remember, even if it’s earlier. Happy birthday in advance.

happy birthday in advance images

  • I know I’m early for a while, but that’s ok, because it’s congratulation with love. Happy birthday in advance, my love – all the best today and always!
  • From this life, you only deserve good things and that’s what I wish you today and always. Happy Birthday in advance.
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advance birthday wishes

  • May hope and success be your goals. May peace and joy be your fight flags, so that you can overcome all the obstacles of everyday life. Have a beautiful day.
  • Hi dear. I just want you to be completely happy, to find everything you need and to make your dreams come true. Happy Birthday to you!

advance birthday wishes for best friend

  • This year, I decided to make a surprise and be the first to wish you a happy birthday in advance. I hope your day comes with great joy and love
  • Your birthday is coming, and with each passing day, my joy knows no bound… Happy birthday in advance.