Best 20+ Advance Birthday Wishes

Advance birthday wishes. There are times in life when we can’t wait for something amazing to happen. Even so, anxiety speaks louder and we can’t stand it until the right moment. In some of such situations, we may have to wish a birthday in advance to a friend, colleague or relative. It is important not to forget such dates, and to wish them in advance is always better than to forget it completely. For this, you can take inspiration from these messages highlighted below.

Advance Birthday Wishes

Here are some cute early birthday messages you could send to anyone.

  • Early or late, it really doesn’t matter. As long as I can say to you Happy Birthday in Advance sweetie.
  • The world still seems to be asleep but, I’m awake because I want to be the first to whisper this to your ears: “Happy Birthday”
  • In advance, I’m sending packets of hugs, sachets of kiss with a catalogue of lovely messages to wish you a happy birthday.
  • I know your birthday is still a lot of hours away but I can’t hold back the excitement any longer. Happy Birthday in advance dear.
  • A single day is not enough to celebrate the birth of a special person like you, that’s why I’m starting in advance to wish you Happy Birthday.
  • To be the first person to wish you a happy birthday, I’m sending my wish really early. I’m so excited. Happy birthday in advance.
  • Who starts a celebration earlier than is expected? I do! To my favorite person in the world, happy birthday in advance, dearie. I care.
  • While it’s not your birthday yet, it doesn’t hurt to be an early bird with the wishes. Advance wishes only show you’re on my mind.
  • Accept my advanced birthday wishes as I may not be present on your birthday. I’m super sure you will have super fun on that day.
  • I hope all my effort is enough to let you know how special you are to me.
  • Whether today or tomorrow, I’m asking God to fill your heart with tons of happiness as your big day comes.
  • Special people deserve special treatment, and on this upcoming special occasion, I want to wish you a special Happy Birthday.
  • I pray all your wishes come true as you become one year older. You are an amazing person!
  • While others may wait to wish you on your day, for me it’s too far away. Here’s wishing you an Advance Happy Birthday!
  • This year I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday in Advance, because some things just can’t wait!
  • It is often said that patience is a virtue … but I don’t know any of these two words, so … “Happy birthday.
  • So that my wish is not diluted in millions of messages, I prefer to send it to you in advance, Happy birthday dear!
  • As you know I am someone who is always late! So as your birthday is forthcoming and I don’t want to miss it, I wish you with a little advance: Happy birthday!

Hello! I remembered your birthday and realized that the big day is yet to come. Anyway, may God bless your precious life so much. happy birthday in advance!

  • Today is not your Birthday, but it is not out of place if I wish you in advance because I cannot wait to see you give a Birthday smile.
  • I will keep on sending you a Birthday Wish until the actual day because you are special to me, and a particular person deserves a special treat.
  • Happy birthday dear! I want to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday … that’s why I am doing it in advance!! Congratulations.
  • Congrats dear. I desire to prove to you that I can be completely alert by wishing you a happy birthday in advance!
  • I have not yet thought about the number of times I will wish you a happy birthday… so the best may be that I start now! Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to you in advance. Do not expect me because I am leaving for the stars on a compulsory vacation.
  • You know perfectly well that I don’t like competition! I like to be unique and memorable! This is why I am wishing you a happy birthday a few days earlier!
  • Tomorrow, everyone will remember that they will have to send you a wish! But only real friends will want you to feel like a superhero, happy birthday in advance!
  • Hello! I remembered your birthday and realized that the big day is yet to come. Anyway, may God bless your precious life so much… happy birthday.
  • Let us not be tight panted as others and recognize that it is your Birthday already even when it’s not. We can have an advanced Birthday party.
  • There are such, but so important things that you can hardly wait! I know a very important day that is approaching! Happy birthday dear!
  • Hello! The truth is that I can’t wait until your birthday, because I like exclusivity so I want to congratulate you in advance!
  • Unimaginable things happen; therefore, I wish you an advance Happy Birthday, by doing this, the chances of failing you are at zero percent.

You well know that I've never been good with dates, so I always prefer to wish a happy birthday when I remember, even if it's earlier. Happy birthday to you.

  • I know it hasn’t arrived on the right date yet, but I’m already here to say it will be very special. Happy birthday dear!
  • You well know that I’ve never been good with dates, so I always prefer to wish a happy birthday when I remember, even if it’s earlier. Happy birthday.
  • I foresee happiness in your home from today continuously to your Birthday and after. God will deal with my advanced wishes with advanced answers.
  • I know I’m early for a while, but that’s ok, because it’s congratulation with love. Happy birthday in advance, my love – all the best today and always!
  • From this life, you only deserve good things and that’s what I wish you today and always. Happy Birthday.
  • Advanced Birthday Wishes to a person close to my heart. All the perfection inherent in you will boost out for all eyes to recognize.
  • May hope and success be your goals. May peace and joy be your fight flags, so that you can overcome all the obstacles of everyday life. Have a beautiful day.
  • Hi dear. I just want you to be completely happy, to find everything you need and to make your dreams come true. Happy Birthday to you!
  • The buzz around your Birthday is more intoxicating as the first day approaches. You are the real deal, and it shows.
  • This year, I decided to make a surprise and be the first to wish you a happy birthday in advance. I hope your day comes with great joy and love
  • Your birthday is coming, and with each passing day, my joy knows no bound… Happy birthday.

Advance Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  • Couldn’t hold back the cheer, so here’s an early birthday shoutout to you, dear friend!
  • Hey, who says birthdays are a one-day thing? Starting the celebration now for you!
  • Special friends deserve more than a day. Let the early festivities for your birthday begin!
  • Ahead of the crowd, just like always. Wishing you a fantastic early birthday, buddy!
  • You’ve always been ahead in life; here’s your advance birthday wish to match!
  • Countdown mode activated! Sending you the first of many birthday wishes.
  • Besties break rules, right? So here’s a birthday cheer, way ahead of its time!
  • Calendar or not, it feels like it’s time to celebrate you! Advance birthday wishes!
  • To the one who adds sparkle to my life, starting the birthday bling early for you!
  • Pop the confetti! Can’t wait any longer to celebrate your upcoming special day.

Advance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  • Why wait? Every day with you feels special. Kicking off your birthday celebrations now!
  • My love, your birthday deserves a head start. Early wishes for my forever heartthrob!
  • Ahead of the game, like always. Sending early birthday love your way, handsome!
  • Let’s elongate the joy. Starting the party with this advance birthday message for you!
  • The anticipation is too much! Here’s to the beginning of your birthday countdown.
  • Every moment with you is celebration-worthy. Starting the birthday merriment early!
  • Can’t hold back my excitement. Pouring out my early birthday love to you now!
  • A special day can’t be contained. Sending ahead wishes for the best boyfriend ever!
  • Jumping the gun because the wait is unbearable. Early birthday kisses, my love!
  • Time might be linear, but my love isn’t. Advance birthday wishes, darling!

Tomorrow, everyone will remember that they will have to send you a wish! But only real friends will want you to feel like a superhero.

Advance Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  • To my dazzling star, why not start the birthday dance a bit early this year?
  • Beauty, grace, and endless charm. Celebrating you ahead of time feels so right!
  • Before the world chimes in, here’s my heart singing an early birthday serenade for you.
  • The universe might have a date set, but my heart’s early. Advance wishes, love!
  • Each day with you feels like a festivity. Here’s to begin the birthday jamboree early!
  • To the girl who’s outshined every star, an advance birthday cheer from your biggest fan!
  • Counting down the days is tough. Easing my impatience with this early birthday wish!
  • Can’t confine my excitement to a day. Pouring out early birthday love to you, gorgeous!
  • Moments until your big day, but my heart’s already partying. Advance wishes, sweetheart!
  • The calendar’s slow, my excitement isn’t. Starting the birthday spree now for you!

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Love knows no calendar. So, here’s to celebrating you, my love, a little early!
  • Can’t wait for the day to shower you with love. Sending advance birthday cuddles!
  • Every moment spent waiting feels like eternity. An early burst of birthday love to you!
  • Our love story is too grand for a one-day celebration. Kicking off your birthday cheer!
  • Let’s unwrap the joy and happiness early this year. Advance birthday wishes, dear lover!
  • My heart beats in the rhythm of your upcoming special day. Sending early birthday vibes!
  • Elevating the spirit of love with some advance birthday sweetness. Cheers to you, my love!
  • The universe seems to be in a hurry to celebrate you. Joining in with early wishes!
  • Why limit the celebration? Let the pre-birthday love and affection begin for my beloved!
  • Sparkling wishes sent ahead of time, to match your everlasting charm and grace, my love!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Wife

  • To the queen of my heart, sending advance wishes filled with love and warmth!
  • Embracing the excitement, and celebrating the wonder of you a bit earlier this year, dear wife!
  • Your special day deserves an extended celebration. Kicking off the birthday wishes in advance!
  • Blessing your upcoming birthday with a shower of love and admiration a little earlier!
  • Before the world starts celebrating, here’s an early birthday tribute to my extraordinary wife!
  • The love and joy you bring know no bounds, just like my early birthday wishes for you!
  • Starting the fanfare early because one day is not enough to celebrate my amazing wife!
  • Your presence makes every day special. Sending advance birthday love your way, beautiful!
  • An advance shower of love and blessings for the woman who completes me!
  • Let’s make the joy of your upcoming birthday linger a little longer with these early wishes!

As you know I am someone who is always late! So as your birthday is forthcoming and I don't want to miss it.

Advance Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • To my remarkable husband, here are some early sprinkles of love and admiration!
  • Your birthday deserves more than a day of celebration. Sending early festive cheers!
  • Sharing an early toast to the magnificent journey of your life, dear husband!
  • Here’s to extending the celebration of the wonderful man you are. Advance birthday wishes!
  • Couldn’t wait to start showering you with all the love and happiness you bring, my husband!
  • Setting the stage for the grand day by sending some advance birthday vibes your way!
  • Your special day is too magnificent to be confined. Let the pre-birthday celebrations begin!
  • Unwrapping the joy and excitement early, as we eagerly await your special day, dear husband!
  • Elevating the celebration mood with some early birthday cheers for the man of my dreams!
  • Love doesn’t wait, nor do my wishes. Sending advance happy birthday wishes to my loving husband!

Advance Birthday Messages for Brother

  • Bro, here’s an early punch of happiness and cheers for your upcoming birthday!
  • Jump-starting the celebration because waiting isn’t an option. Advance wishes, brother!
  • Couldn’t wait! Here’s a burst of early birthday joy for my awesome brother.
  • The calendar’s slow, but my heart’s racing to wish you an amazing birthday ahead!
  • Sending an early birthday brigade filled with love and luck for my brother!
  • Unleashing a wave of early birthday fun, excitement, and blessings your way, bro!
  • A brother like you deserves more than a day of celebration. Advance birthday wishes!
  • Spreading the excitement and joy of your upcoming birthday starting now, dear brother!
  • For a brother extraordinaire, here’s an extra-early birthday cheer. Much love!
  • Breaking the rules and fast-forwarding to birthday happiness. Advance wishes to my brother!

Advance Birthday Messages for Sister

  • An early sprinkle of love and blessings for my sister’s upcoming special day!
  • Sister, let’s ignite the birthday excitement and joy a little ahead of time!
  • Your birthday deserves an early start. So, here’s to celebrating you beforehand!
  • Sending ahead a rainbow of love, wishes, and happiness for my sister’s birthday!
  • Getting a jump on the joy of celebrating the wonderful sister that you are!
  • Here’s a bubbly burst of early birthday cheer to brighten your upcoming special day, sis!
  • Why wait? Let the magical countdown to your fabulous birthday begin, dear sister!
  • An early dose of birthday bliss sprinkled with love for my incredible sister!
  • The excitement begins now! Sending advance birthday vibes to my lovely sister!
  • Sisters break the norm, right? So, here’s an unconventional early birthday wish for you!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Son, launching the birthday fun and excitement a bit ahead of schedule this year!
  • Sending an early burst of birthday joy to the most wonderful son in the universe!
  • The countdown is on! Unleashing early birthday cheers for our amazing son!
  • A special son deserves an extended celebration. Sending advance birthday wishes your way!
  • Your birthday is on the horizon, and the excitement has already started bubbling, dear son!
  • Accelerating the birthday happiness because waiting is just too hard. Advance wishes, son!
  • Let the pre-birthday excitement roll in! Sending ahead lots of love and blessings, son!
  • Our hearts are already in celebration mode, eagerly awaiting your big day, dear son!
  • Jump-starting the celebration of the fantastic person you are! Advance wishes to our son!
  • An early whirlwind of love and blessings as we gear up for your special day, son!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • Sweetheart, dispatching a shower of early birthday love and blessings your way!
  • Daughter, let’s unlock the birthday happiness a bit sooner this year!
  • The world should get ready for the grand celebration coming up for my darling daughter!
  • Sending an early flutter of love, joy, and sweet wishes for our precious daughter’s birthday!
  • Because a day isn’t enough to celebrate you, let’s start the festivities early, dear daughter!
  • Starting the carousel of birthday celebrations a tad sooner for our beautiful daughter!
  • Advance wishes filled with warmth, love, and the sweetest joys for our darling daughter!
  • Turning up the volume of celebration as we countdown to our daughter’s splendid birthday!
  • Sending ahead a bouquet of love, smiles, and wonderful wishes for our daughter’s birthday!
  • Our excitement is bubbling over, so here’s an early birthday hug for our sweet daughter!

Happy Early Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • Mom, your special day is too grand to celebrate in just 24 hours. Let’s start the festivities early!
  • Sending a burst of early birthday love to the most extraordinary mom in the universe!
  • Why wait for the calendar? My heart celebrates you every day, Mom. Happy early birthday!
  • An advance dose of love and warmth as we countdown to the queen’s birthday, my beautiful Mom!
  • Mom, here’s to spreading the joy and love of your upcoming special day a bit earlier this year!
  • Starting now, let’s unwrap days of joy, love, and wonderful surprises, Mom. Happy early birthday!
  • For a mom beyond compare, here’s a sprinkle of early birthday magic filled with love and care!
  • Can’t hold back the excitement and love meant for your special day. Happy early birthday, Mom!
  • Your birthday deserves a head start with the love and happiness you bring, Mom. Celebrating you early!
  • Let’s fire up the early birthday candles for a mom whose love and warmth shine the brightest!

Happy Early Birthday Wishes for Dad

  • Dad, your big heart and unwavering love deserve an early birthday celebration. Cheers!
  • The world should prepare early for the birthday of an extraordinary dad. Let the festivities begin!
  • Sending a head start of joy, love, and appreciation to the best dad ever. Happy early birthday!
  • Dad, your upcoming birthday is a festival of love and admiration, and it starts now!
  • Celebrating the legend that you are with some early birthday cheer, Dad!
  • Can’t wait to shower you with all the love and respect you deserve, Dad. Happy early birthday!
  • Here’s an advance burst of birthday happiness for a dad who means the world to me!
  • Why limit the joy of celebrating you, Dad? Sending early birthday wishes filled with love!
  • Let’s kick off the celebration in honor of a truly remarkable dad. Happy early birthday!
  • Popping the cork early to toast to an amazing dad whose special day is on the horizon!

Funny Happy Birthday In Advance Messages

  • Is it too early for birthday cake? Asking for a friend. Happy pre-birthday!
  • My calendar just fainted because it realized your awesome birthday is approaching. Advance wishes!
  • Hurry up and get older, will you? These advance birthday wishes need company!
  • Dispatching some early birthday snickers and giggles. Get ready for the laughter avalanche!
  • This message is strictly for those whose awesomeness is ahead of time. Happy early birthday!
  • Because waiting is for ordinary people, and you, my friend, are extraordinary! Happy advance birthday!
  • If birthdays came with a fast-forward button, you’d find this wish right on time!
  • Consider this an early birthday alarm clock, buzzing with joy and fun!
  • Sending your birthday wishes ahead of time, so they age perfectly when they reach you!
  • If you’re good at being older, does it mean you’ve had more practice? Happy early birthday!

Sweet Happy Early Birthday Wishes

  • Sending a sweet early breeze filled with joy, love, and delightful wishes for your upcoming birthday!
  • An extra dose of sweetness sent ahead to make your approaching special day even more delightful!
  • Sweet anticipations and early joyful vibrations as we await the magic of your special day!
  • Life’s sweetest melodies play early in anticipation of your beautiful birthday. Sending warm early wishes!
  • May the sweetness of your upcoming birthday blossom and spread joy a little earlier this year!
  • A delightful sprinkle of early birthday wishes to saturate your days with joy as your birthday nears!
  • Can’t wait to celebrate you! Sending sweet hugs and happiness in advance of your special day!
  • Your birthday is a sweet event that deserves an early start. Happy early birthday with all my love!
  • In anticipation of your special day, sending a sweet symphony of love, joy, and warmth your way!
  • Sweet early wishes to you, for a birthday that brings all your dreams and desires to life!
  • As we countdown to your special day, here’s a sweet advance embrace filled with love and grace!
  • A burst of sweet blessings and delightful wishes sent ahead to usher in your fabulous birthday!
  • Wrapped in love and topped with sweetness, sending your birthday wishes a little earlier this year!
  • Let the sweet anticipation of your upcoming celebration fill your days with happiness and love!
  • Sending a bouquet of sweet early wishes, to brighten your days as we await your joyful birthday!
  • Your upcoming birthday is a sweet occasion that deserves a head start in celebration and love!
  • May every moment leading to your birthday be as sweet as your kind heart. Happy early birthday wishes!
  • An early shower of sweetness and joy to celebrate the wonderful person you are as your birthday approaches!
  • Before the calendar catches up, here’s a sweet advance toast to the beauty of your upcoming birthday!
  • A delightful early birthday cheer, sprinkled with sweetness and love, as we eagerly await your special day!
  • Can’t wait to celebrate you! Sending you advance birthday wishes filled with love and happiness.
  • Just couldn’t wait to wish you! May your upcoming birthday be as fantastic and wonderful as you are.
  • Because one day is not enough to celebrate someone as special as you, here’s wishing you a happy birthday in advance!
  • Starting the countdown to your special day with an early wish for a birthday filled with joy and love.
  • I might not be the first to wish you on your day, but I want to be the first to send you smiles in advance. Happy Birthday!
  • Let the pre-birthday excitement begin! Wishing you loads of fun and happiness ahead of your big day.
  • Advance Happy Birthday! May your day be as amazing as the early bird that catches the worm.
  • Because you’re too special to have just one day of celebration, here’s wishing you a happy birthday in advance!
  • I’m beating the clock to tell you how much I care. Happy Birthday in advance, may this year bring you everything you’ve hoped for.
  • Getting a head start on celebrating the incredible person you are. Advance Happy Birthday wishes coming your way!
  • Couldn’t contain my excitement, so here’s an early wish for a birthday as wonderful as you are.
  • Just popping in early to say, may your birthday be filled with the sweetest moments and the happiest memories.
  • Wishing you a fabulous birthday in advance! May the joy you give others return to you in spades.
  • Before the cake is cut and the balloons are blown, here’s me wishing you a happy birthday in advance!
  • Jumping ahead to wish you all the happiness in the world as you approach your special day. Happy Birthday in advance!
  • An early birthday wish for someone who deserves a whole month of celebration. Here’s to starting the party early!
  • Sending you a bouquet of early birthday wishes. May your day be as bright and cheerful as you are.
  • I couldn’t wait for the calendar to turn, so here’s wishing you a world of happiness in advance for your birthday.
  • Let the countdown to the festivities begin! Wishing you a joyous and fun-filled birthday in advance.
  • Because one day is simply not enough to celebrate someone as special as you, here’s sending you advance birthday wishes filled with love and cheer.

Advance birthday wishes are more than just a head start in celebrating a special occasion; they’re a delightful prelude, a heartwarming introduction to the symphony of joy that the actual day promises to be. Sending these early wishes is like spreading the wings of happiness, allowing the celebratory spirits to soar high, permeating the heart with excitement and anticipation. It infuses each moment leading up to the birthday with a sweet essence of love, care, and thoughtfulness. It’s about marinating the upcoming big day in a special blend of affection, ensuring that the joy blooms in the most delightful, unforgettable ways. So, let’s celebrate, cherish, and nurture the moments with sweet advance birthday wishes, making the journey to the special day as enchanting as the day itself!

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