Best 100 Funny Birthday Wishes

Laughing stands as the best medicine available today. As a result, sending funny birthday messages to someone you love can make the day even more special, after all, no matter how old we are, being happy and laughing will always make our lives better. Furthermore, a unique day such as a birthday deserves to be beautiful and much celebrated. To this end, you can get inspired and share a good mood through these funny birthday wishes highlighted below.

Funny Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • I am aware that last year, you forgot my birthday present, so I’m returning the favor this year. So a Happy Birthday will be all you’ll get from me.
  • To win in life, it is important to be smart, be beautiful, succeed, make money and have true friends. Well, at least real friends you have! Happy Birthday!
  • The Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages
  • When you feel discouraged and lonely, remember … you can change your birthday on Facebook and a lot of strangers will appear to cheer you up. Happy Birthday!
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funny birthday wishes for best friend male

  • They say money doesn’t bring happiness, and as a gift it costs money, so I didn’t buy it for you, because I always want your happiness! Happy Birthday sweet.
  • Happy Birthday! It’s great to be healthy, young and full of energy. Here’s some advice. Keep telling everyone that you are 18 years old with a few decades of experience.
  • Best Short Birthday Wishes
  • To give you a great gift today, I thought of something that was both funny and beautiful, then I remembered that you already have every day with my friendship. Happy birthday dear!

funny birthday wishes for best friend female

  • Don’t worry, age is just a number. Although in your case, it’s a very, very, very large number, as your birthday cake candles never fail to contribute to global warming yearly. Happy Birthday!
  • Amazing Birthday Wishes for Father
  • I thought this year it would be possible to put as many candles as needed on your cake, but I regret to inform you, we ran out of space in the blink of an eye. Happy Birthday.
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funny birthday wishes for men

  • May your day be full of messages on Facebook from people who have never spoken to you. Congratulations for another year of life dear!
  • Best Birthday Wishes for Mother
  • Congratulations dear! Despite your age, I see that you don’t miss childhood as you keep doing the same things you did when you were a child. Happy Birthday.

funny birthday wishes for brother

  • On your birthday, I want you to remember that it’s not that day that makes you old: it’s the other 364 days of the year! Happy Birthday!
  • Unique Birthday Wishes for Son
  • The number of the fire department is recorded on your cell phone in case you have an asthma attack while blowing out the candles on your birthday cake. Congratulations!

funny birthday card messages

  • I swear I searched for the perfect gift. Then I remembered that having me as a friend is the best gift anyone could ever want. Happy Birthday and many years of life!
  • Cute Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • You have reached an age when you can use your cake candles to light up your entire home. Happy birthday dear!
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funny birthday wishes for friends

  • I forgot your gift, but I didn’t forget you! See? I think of you more than all material things of life. lol Happy Birthday and many more years dear.
  • Best Birthday Wishes for Friends
  • Happy Birthday dear! I tried to buy a gift that represented your year of birth, but unfortunately I didn’t find any thrift stores open.

short funny birthday wishes

  • Gradually your youth is leaving, but think on the bright side; your immaturity will remain intact for life. Lol… Best wishes and many years of life dear!
  • All right, you can light your birthday cake candles now. I alerted the fire department already. Happy Birthday dear!