Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Despite the friendly atmosphere, an open show of affection and gathering of people to mark the completion of another successful year of a celebrant, birthday celebration is not complete without messages from loved ones like a cousin. Don’t be the rotten egg that spoils the fun of the day, browse through our achieve of nicely composed messages and send the one you love the most to your cousin on a birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for Cousin

  • I owe you a million hugs and kisses for your birthday and for the opportunity to eat and party as I like. Cousin, every day should be your birthday.
  • Cousins are like siblings, so I will act like one and make your birthday the most annoying and hilarious one you will have in a lifetime.
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  • Every birthday celebration should be better than in the previous years, so I expect Beyonce as the artist of the day. Cousin, can you keep up.
  • My beautiful cousin clocked another year today. What a lovely day we are going to share. There will be a lot of joy and happiness in the air.
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happy birthday cousin quotes

  • your birthdays never hit me by surprise because the date stuck in my head over the years and I do look forward to it. I remain happy.
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  • I wish on my cousin the best birthday experience ever; notwithstanding you seem to cheat nature by looking ten times younger.
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  • What is your secret for more youthful looks and happiness on your birthday, cousin? The formula that you propounded works fine on you.

happy birthday cousin male

  • All cousins should be the best of friends like us; you will always have me to make your birthdays beautiful and always to make you smile.
  • It is midnight already; I hope you got out of bed to read my annoying birthday message to an equally irritating cousin of mine. Have a lovely day.
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  • I will keep sending you messages till I get the location of your birthday party, nobody deserves to crash your party than me, your cousin.

happy birthday to my cousin wishes

  • Cousin, Promise not to copy my moves on the dance floor. I spent all night preparing for your birthday to out-dance you on your birthday.
  • It is payback time for all you did on my birthday. Today is your day, so sit back and watch me take control of every chore as a good cousin should do.
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  • Happy birthday to a cousin of dual character. Sometimes you can be adorable and caring, but most people do not see that side of you.
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funny birthday wishes for cousin

  • I repeatedly tried to buy another cousin on Amazon, but it was off the list. I guess we are stuck together, and I have to celebrate your birthday against my wish.
  • Do not take birthday photos with me because it will only remind you of how wrinkled you are becoming. I still look too young to be your cousin despite my age.
  • Happy birthday, dearest cousin. Stop feeling larger than life, it is just a birthday, and I will be there to crash it.

funny birthday wishes for cousin brother

  • The older you get, the nearer you are to the grave, so living every day like it is your last on earth is the key to happiness. These are actual words from your lovely cousin.
  • Your section in my head is full of pleasant memories, and I intend adding to the cabinet with events of today’s birthday. You are indeed a good cousin.
  • Congratulations to you on your birthday. Heaven knows that you are the most annoying cousin to step foot on earth, but I love you just the way you are.
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birthday wishes for cousin female

  • I would not change anything about you, though you can sometimes be a handful and difficult to withstand you are still my priceless cousin. Happy Birthday.
  • Let us work together as cousins to make your birthday a glorious one. I need an opportunity to prove to you that you are critical to me.
  • Happy Birthday. Knowing you is fantastic, but having you as a cousin is out of this world because you process some qualities that are beyond mere men’s ability.
  • Congratulations, you added another year and have to cope with an annoying cousin like me for many years to come.