Despite the friendly atmosphere, an open show of affection and gathering of people to mark the completion of another successful year of a celebrant, birthday celebration is not complete without messages from loved ones like a cousin. Don’t be the rotten egg that spoils the fun of the day, browse through our achieve of nicely composed messages and send the one you love the most to your cousin on a birthday.

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Here are some sweet and sincere birthday wishes for a cousin

All cousins should be the best of friends like us; you will always have me to make your birthdays beautiful and always to make you smile. Happy birthday.

Male Cousin

Here are some ways to wish your male cousin a happy birthday.

Cousin. your birthdays never hit me by surprise because the date stuck in my head over the years and I do look forward to it.

Female Cousin

Here are some ways to say happy birthday to your male cousin

Congratulations to you on your birthday. Heaven knows that you are the most annoying cousin to step foot on earth


Happy birthday cousin and 3 candles on cake

Happy Birthday. Knowing you is fantastic, but having you as a cousin is out of this world because you process some qualities that are beyond mere men's ability.

I owe you a million hugs and kisses for your birthday and for the opportunity to eat and party as I like


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