Best 100 Birthday Wishes for Crush

Birthday wishes for crush. Take a step further to show your beloved crush that you care, and just like magic, they might fall for your green light. Show a little more care on their Birthday, and it might help convince them that you are their true divine lover. A message might seem small, but its effect on personal occasions has a stronger effect than usual, so grab this opportunity to send them texts from our beautiful collection.

Birthday Messages for Crush

  • You are the best lover in the world, that is enough reason to live like there is no tomorrow on your Birthday.
  • Just when I thought it would be impossible for me to love again, you came like a rushing wind and swept me off my feet. Happy Birthday to you.
  • My crush, keep being who you are, and I will keep falling over again for you. Today is your Birthday so have a splendid day.

birthday wishes for boy crush

  • God blessed you with another year in this fantastic world; my little birthday gift to you is my love; it is up to you how to use it.
  • Some people will not appreciate you enough, but I am not one of them, you are more than a crush to me, you are my happiness.
  • Love made today a special day for you, and I, therefore, your Birthday has to be filled with excitement and myself.
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birthday wishes for girl crush

  • I sent you a couple of kisses for your Birthday if it is not enough I will send a truck full or better still I will come to do it by myself.
  • Smile more, have fun, and enjoy the day for it will only last for some hours more, so sweet crush, spend the rest of today being happy.
  • You are a diamond; I only wish we can shine together nevertheless enjoy your special day with the knowledge of my love. Happy Birthday to you.

birthday messages for crush

  • Crushing on you is my obsession for today alongside your Birthday. Today is all for you, so it should be all about you.
  • Happy Birthday to you, love. May your new age open financial doors and probably an entry to our passion. Have a fun-filled celebration.
  • Happy birthday to you my incredible crush who happens to be the most fantastic person I am obsessed with for a long time. May the sky be your beginning point.
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Romantic birthday messages for crush

  • I wish you have a fantastic day because my crush’s happiness is my pride; you must ensure to remain happy through the New Year.
  • I hope my little birthday message will show you that you are highly relevant to me. Have a beautiful day fantastic crush.
  • Start your day with much love from me and other good wishers; since you mean a lot to us, there is not another option than celebrate you.

birthday wishes for crush

  • Happiness is key to a fulfilled life, so gather all you can get for yourself for the Birthday, mine has always been with you.
  • You will always remain my crush even if we do not get the opportunity to date. I pray that you find comfort in all the things that you do. Have a lovely birthday.
  • Baby crush, everything about you is perfect, so I want you to have an awesome birthday celebration. Please, send my invite.
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funny birthday wishes for crush

  • Birthdays are precious than most days of the year, so I want to congratulate you and wish you a beautiful day.
  • Calls and text messages will keep buzzing up your phone on your Birthday; nevertheless, have it in mind that your love keeps lingering in my mind.
  • Wonders will encompass you through your life because I love you so much and wish the best on you for your Birthday.

birthday cards for crush

  • All the blessings attached to a birthday will be yours from now on till the next celebration. Even though we are not a couple, I still wish you well.
  • I love you so much but will wait for a million more birthdays until you are mine forever. Happy Birthday my imaginary lover.
  • All hail the celebrant of today’s Birthday that will one day be my lover. Have a splendid day celebrating your awesome self.