Best Happy 11th Birthday Wishes

Happy 11th Birthday

Happy 11th Birthday. It’s amazing to watch someone grow and even more incredible to see that little person completing eleven years of age. At this age, most people usually feel that they are getting older and gradually approaching adulthood. With excitement, responsibility and good humor, anyone can enjoy their 11th year as though it would […]

Best Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy 18th Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday. 18 is a pivotal, as well as an important age! It is the beginning of adulthood, and comes with the right to vote, to drive alone, to enter a club, to be independent, etc. Given this age, it can be difficult to find a good birthday text for a friend or loved […]

Best Happy 10th Birthday Wishes

Happy 10th Birthday

Happy 10th birthday wishes and messages. Birthdays are unique, like other vital events such as the New Year celebration. It gets more exciting when it is a landmark achievement, such as clocking a decade. A little gesture of love would not be a bad idea to kick start the day for the wonderful lad. In […]

Best Happy 8th Birthday Wishes

Happy 8th Birthday wishes

Happy 8th birthday. We all know that not only an interesting birthday present at a birthday is really important. Of course, the celebrants would also be happy to get some nice birthday wishes and messages that will make their party unforgettable. Today, there are actually many ways to choose a great wish. Generally speaking, you […]

Best Happy 9th Birthday Wishes

Happy 9th Birthday wishes and messages

Happy 9th Birthday. Kids loved to celebrate birthdays and get excited because of lots of gifts and presents. When the kids are growing at the age of nine, they start to understand more things as compare to the toddlers and other kids. If you have a 9th-year-old kid, how can you wish them a beautiful […]

Best Happy 7th Birthday Wishes

Happy 7th Birthday

Happy 7th birthday. 7 years is an important age. At this age, a child becomes more independent and a little more responsible. In all, it has been observed that finding a good wish for birthday greetings for children is very difficult because, usually, they prefer to receive gifts and organize a birthday party to invite […]

Best 45 Happy 6th Birthday Wishes

Happy 6th birthday

To wish a happy 6th birthday to a little child who has just turned six is a good idea, as it is indeed the first year that he / she will be able to read their birthday message. It is therefore necessary to find the right words (easy to read and simple) so that the […]

Best Happy 5th Birthday Wishes

Happy 5th birthday

Happy 5th Birthday. Spending five years on the surface of this uncertain world is quite a great test to pass in this world of a million possibilities, so let us celebrate the ones that successfully made it through. That is the reason why we compiled lovely Messages to congratulate the Birthday celebrity of the day. […]

Best Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

Happy 4th birthday wishes and messages

Happy 4th birthday wishes. 4 years is an important age, as it marks the end of early childhood. If you are invited to the birthday party of a 4 year old child, it implies that you are surely a friend or a close relative of the family! You will therefore have to find a message […]

Best 35 Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

Happy 3rd Birthday

It is another birthday season, only that it is not ours but for a lovely three-year-old sweetie in your life. We should always teach the younger ones by example, thus be among the first to acknowledge their ad and importance to the family and society at large. Why are you holding back? Select one or […]