Best Happy 11th Birthday Wishes

Happy 11th Birthday. It’s amazing to watch someone grow and even more incredible to see that little person completing eleven years of age. At this age, most people usually feel that they are getting older and gradually approaching adulthood. With excitement, responsibility and good humor, anyone can enjoy their 11th year as though it would last forever. Thus, you can celebrate the coming of age of that special and important person with the following 11th birthday wishes that seems to have been specially made for them.


By one of these birthday wishes you can wish any 11-year-old, a happy birthday.

  • It seems like yesterday that you slept in the crib, and today you are already in middle school, and you will have to decide for your professional future soon. Happy 11th Birthday.
  • You’re growing up so fast I can’t even stop to catch my breath. I promise you’ll always be my baby. Happy 11th Birthday sweetie.
  • Someday we’ll all look at the years of your childhood and never stop smiling. Keep growing strong my beautiful young lady.
  • Happy 11th Birthday! I hope you don’t break any bones and I hope you enjoy your sweets without the cavities.
  • You’re almost a teenager and I’m sure your teens will be awesome. For today, have some cake, enjoy your day and enjoy your year
  • For 11 years, you have brought joy, peace, fun and laughter to our lives. We feel blessed to be able to share life with you. Have a beautiful day.
  • Hi dear. Today, you become 11 years old and you still have a childlike light in everything you do, and that is a wonderful thing!
  • Chocolates, candies and cake are ready for your 11th birthday. But none of them are as sweet as your smile. Keep smiling because it gives us pleasure.

There are many reasons to be happy and your eleventh birthday is one of them Congratulations

  • What a joy to wake up and know that the day is yours! Take advantage of today to thank God for another year. Happy Birthday.
  • Eleven years ago, I promised to always be by your side, guide you and love you. Know that, with each passing year, I am more proud of you. Happy 11th Birthday.
  • It’s been 11 years since God gave us the most precious gift of our lives. Our life revolves around you. May God give you eternal happiness.
  • Watching you grow has been quite an emotion. With each passing year, you change so much, get taller, try new things. Have a beautiful celebration.
  • Once again, the sun rises and brings with it a very special day: your birthday! May today be a unique and extraordinary day.
  • You are at an age when time starts to pass quickly. Be creative and enjoy your life to the fullest without worries. I’ve bought your favorite chocolates for you.

Once again, the sun rises and brings with it a very special day, your birthday May today be a unique and extraordinary day

  • Hello dear. Seeing you smile is an electron that spreads inside my being to fill it with happiness. Happy 11th birthday!
  • You are like a bird in a nest, which begins to know how to fly, but still have to be taken by the mother: Happy birthday dear 11 years old.
  • You are just 2 away from becoming a teenager. Live your life with wisdom free from worries. May God give you an everlasting smile and joys.
  • You love getting dirty on the grass and playing as if there is no tomorrow: if there is a secret to living so intensely, don’t reveal it to anyone. Happy 11th Birthday.
  • My love. Pride and harmony are the values ​​that surround you. Have a nice 11th birthday!
  • Our princess has turned out to be a big girl. I hope your acceleration to adulthood will be good and it will lead you to an adventurous life. You are an apple to our eyes.

Life is an illusion either good nor bad, but with you I have found meaning in every moment that I live next to you

  • Life is an illusion, neither good nor bad, but with you I have found meaning in every moment that I live next to you. Have a fantastic day.
  • Hi dear. You are a small being, but a great star who gives us unending happiness. Happy 11th Birthday.
  • On your 11th birthday you can wish whatever you want. May your all wishes come true in life. Focus on your studies and be unique!
  • Today may seem like a normal day, but for you, it is another stage for a great life: celebrate it with the people you care about. May you have many more to come.
  • There are many reasons to be happy, and your eleventh birthday is one of them. Congratulations my treasure.
  • Happy 11th birthday! You have a sharp and intelligent mind. You are a creative 11 year old boy and I wish you will be a successful man in the future. I love you!

Happy 11th Birthday

  • What a special day! Today you turn 11! With each passing year you grow, change, live, but continue with a heart of gold. Smile to blow out the candles.
  • Your future is quite certain, and I assure you that you are the treasure that I will always cherish. Happy 11th birthday dear!
  • You are at the age of opening a window, where you begin to look out, and understand the beautiful and ugly things in the world. Happy 11th Birthday.
  • You are the center of my attention and though you are already eleven years old, you have revolutionized my world. I hope your special day is as amazing as you.


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