Best Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy 18th Birthday. 18 is a pivotal, as well as an important age! It is the beginning of adulthood, and comes with the right to vote, to drive alone, to enter a club, to be independent, etc. Given this age, it can be difficult to find a good birthday text for a friend or loved one who is celebrating their 18th birthday. To this end, below is a selection of 18th birthday wishes.

Happy 18th Birthday Messages

  • Welcome to adulthood! Congratulations because the party will finally start! Enjoy every moment and most especially, happy 18th birthday.
  • At 18, you can only wish for two things: realize your dreams and be happy! I wish you a happy birthday and may these two wishes come true!
  • 18 is a perfect age, laced with the innocence of adulthood. And the maturity of childhood. Take advantage of these unique moments and brand new freedom. Happy 18th Birthday!
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18th birthday wishes for niece

  • Happy 18th birthday dear. I wish you strength and wisdom so that you can go after all your dreams that will accompany you in your adult life.
  • 18 is the age when two opposing notions collide: freedom and responsibility, but I trust you to handle the two with flying colors. Happy birthday.
  • Three main principles are essential to fully experience your 18th birthday: be happy, laugh. And above all have a great party!

happy 18th birthday wishes to my daughter

  • At 18 the world and the future look better, more beautiful and richer in promise than at any age! So take advantage of all the moments that will punctuate this year!
  • Happy 18th birthday dear. May your life be as big, fun, and lively as the party organized today in your honor. Cheers!

happy 18th birthday cards

  • 18 years is surely the happiest age in life. I wish you with all my heart to make the most of this charming year. Happy 18th Birthday.
  • Under the seal of the law, I am under the obligation to officially recognize you as a responsible adult. Happy 18th birthday dear.
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funny 18th birthday wishes

  • My love, on this great day of your life, I wish you thousands of enriching experiences and novelties. Happy 18th birthday dear.
  • My heart, a golden age in your life begins from now on. Happy 18th birthday! I hope that you will succeed in achieving all your dreams as well.

happy 18th birthday wishes to my son

  • I wish you a happy 18th birthday dear. Keep enjoying your youth, because this is where you will spend your best moments in life.
  • You strode into your 18th year and today, we celebrate a life that is only beginning. Keep taking sure and steady steps, as you just have to prosper! Happy Birthday!

happy 18th birthday wishes

  • It seems like yesterday that you arrived in our lives and now we are celebrating 18 years of that happy day already. Happy 18th birthday dear.
  • Today, we celebrate your 18th birthday, but it’s also my gift to have you all this time in my life. My sincere congratulations dear!
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happy 18th birthday messages

  • Today, you begin the adult phase of your life, but I hope you will always remain that sweet person with a charming personality. Happy 18th birthday, my dear.
  • On this special day, may showers of blessings be poured upon you. Life changes from now on, but I’m sure you will continue on the path of good. Have a beautiful 18th birthday.

happy 18th birthday wishes to my daughter

  • May today be the landmark of a new stage full of prosperity and happiness.  Congratulations on your 18 years of life!
  • Finally, maturity has arrived! And until yesterday, I saw my baby in you. Now, I will have to open the door and let you fly free. Happy birthday dear.